Complete Digital Solutions For Your Business

The most powerful wave of digital technology is happening now - today - this very moment. Your customers are racing into the future, and the future of your business depends on you being there first -  to greet them when they arrive and then - to nurture strong relationships with them once they do. 

As a Digital Innovations Partner, Modgility offers Complete Digital Solutions services for your business. We work with companies interested in developing new software based productsand / or service solutions, while positioning them for success in the market.

We build long-term relationships with forward thinking companies that are ready to:

  • Bring new product ideas to life and, position them for success in the market.
  • Integrate legacy systems, or build new systems to improve operations workflow.
  • Deliver data intelligence and reporting to gather the right information to right place at exactly the right time.
  • Use the latest in digital marketing and sales technologies to attract buyers, convert leads, close sales, and delight customers.  

Modgility's Process for Success

We conduct business in an era of hyper-connectivity; with billions of people, apps, and devices all connected to each other. It is imperative to engage a strategic process for development and growth. Below is an overview of Mobility's process for success- and the services we offer to provide solutions for your business and the clients you serve.




We start with a discussion about your ideas and specific needs. From there we set out to define the project purpose.

Project discovery includes your: 

  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Challenges
  • Timeline
  • Budget


With a clear definition of purpose; we diligently research to provide you with the best options available.

Depending on your specific goals and purpose our research can include: 

  • Market research 
  • Technology research 
  • Buyer Research
  • Employee Research 


Develop the foundation of your success. A living outline of the entire project; is designed to guide and grow with your business. 

Your Blueprint includes your: 

  • SMART Goals
  • Budget 
  • KPIs & Milestones
  • Brand Strategy
  • Master Messaging Strategy


Product Development

Create user friendly solutions to complex problems with your own software product.

Custom software products include: 

  • Smart Devices
  • Web Apps
  • Cloud Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Portals
  • Tools
  • Usability & Testing

Workflow Integration

Eliminate costly errors, increase capacity, get more done; with less, and improve.

Custom data integration systems include: 

  • Web Apps
  • Cloud Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Databases
  • Portals
  • Tools
  • Usability & Testing

Data Delivery

Access data that you haven't been able to harness, and integrate legacy systems.

Custom data delivery systems include: 

  • Smart Devices
  • Web Apps
  • Cloud Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Database
  • External Data Integration 
  • Usability & Testing


Inbound Marketing

Attract buyers to your business with engaging web experiences.

Inbound Marketing Includes: 

  • SMART Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Networking
  • Lead Generation
  • Mult-Variant Testing
  • Marketing Analytics

Inbound Sales

Transform website visitors into qualified sales leads and customers. 

Inbound Selling Includes: 

  • Smart Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Signals & Events
  • Lead  Nurturing
  • Lead Conversion
  • eCommerce
  • Growth Analysis

Customer Retention

Delight customers and turn them into promoters of your business. 

Customer retention includes: 

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Communications
  • Content Personalization
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Inbox
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell Management
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)