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7 Tips for Making Your Blog Content More Skimmable

How many articles or blog posts do you scan in a day or a week?

Be honest we all do it ...

43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. (source)

We've all taught ourselves to scan content and if it doesn't grab our attention, we're out of there - we bounce.

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Content Marketing Tools for 2016

In a consumer-centric market of today, keeping your fingers on the pulse of your target audience is paramount. Companies live or die by their ability to tell a unique and engaging story. Content is the basic material used to mold and craft such a story, a basic fuel for the marketing engine. The aim is to deliver real value to the consumers and offer them handy, interesting information. The content must also be deployed and updated on social media on a regular basis, which is a logistical challenge.

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Repurpose Content for Tons of Targeted Website Traffic

Ever wonder how some blogs seem to get endless website traffic month after month?

Do you want some helpful hints on how to use your existing blog posts to repurpose your content and drive traffic to your website?

Most think the work is done after publishing their blog post. In reality you should spend as much time sharing your content as you did writing your content.

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8 Tips for Good Homepage Design That Increase Conversion

Your homepage should be designed professionally with the goal of leading visitors through your sales funnel and the buyers journey. However, this is rarely the case.

According to Eisenburg Holdings companies spend, on average, $92 to bring visitors to their site for every $1 spent on converting them into customers.

Let's take a look at 8 keys to good homepage design that will help you convert your visitors into leads and customers for your business through the web. Plus, it won't even require you to increase your conversion budget by 9100%.

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5 Tips to Social Media Image Design with Canva

Images are the key to success on social media, but not all of them are created equal.

You may have noticed that not every social media image you share gets the same attention. If you're lucky, a few posts will have great traction, some will outperform the rest, while others hardly boost any engagement.

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9 Inbound Marketing Questions You Need to Answer

Improving your website doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require some thought.

That's why creating a killer website that generates traffic and drives leads doesn't happen overnight or by accident.

It's time to go to school and answer 9 inbound marketing questions that can help turn your website into a machine. In most cases these questions will provide actionable tactics to achieve results.

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7 Benefits of Buyer Personas to Attract Targeted Traffic [Infographic]

Creating buyer personas for your business is a smart move that takes commitment and quite a bit of research. Whether you realize it or not, the work you'll do to identify one or multiple personas may be the difference between strong growth OR the same old status quo for your business.

What you do with your personas once they're developed is key!

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Increase Traffic For Free With These 9 Amazing Actionable Ideas

Did you know that there are over 2 million blog posts published every day? 

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5 Ways to Make Content More Appealing [Infographic]

Publishing educational marketing content is one of the keys to converting leads online. Web users search because they're looking for answers, for information. But while the need for information may get visitors to your web page, what will make them stay? return? convert?

It takes more than facts and figures to gain a customer. In fact, studies show that 38% of those who land on a web page will instantly bounce from the page - they don’t interact with the page at all (Source: Only one half of those left will read several hundred words into the story. So, what’s the trick to getting visitors to read and engage with your content?

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10 Tips to Convert Leads Online That Won't Go Out of Style

We're constantly being told that digital marketing tactics are changing and that marketers must stay one step ahead of technology and other cutting-edge marketers to stay relevant and continue to rank well.

Is there anything these days about digital marketing that you can rely on to stay constant?


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