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by Ginny Dwyer  
Ginny Dwyer


Ever wonder how some blogs seem to get endless website traffic month after month?

Do you want some helpful hints on how to use your existing blog posts to repurpose your content and drive traffic to your website?

Most think the work is done after publishing their blog post. In reality you should spend as much time sharing your content as you did writing your content.

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But how about using your existing posts and repurposing your content? Not only saves you time, drives traffic to your website but generates leads and sales for your business.

10 Content Traffic Strategies to Drive Visitors to Your Website

Social Media Syndication

Every business requires a website. Your website is your home on the internet. So why not use it to its full potential. Take that outstanding blog post you wrote and blast it on the social media platforms.


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Facebook - We all know the Mac Daddy of social media platforms is Facebook. Or is it? Really depends on your audience. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain if you have a Facebook business account. Grab your URL and post it on your business page.

A business page is a necessity if you decide to run ads. Ads will get you highly targeted traffic because you can segment by custom audiences. All this from sharing your older posts and reaching a new audience.  We say new because your business grew from the last time you published the post. Remember spend time to write relevant posts that will stand the test of time. It will give back to you and your business tenfold.

Linked In - Take your post and place a snippit on Linked In pulse. Direct traffic back to your main blog post.

Google plus - never hurts to blast your post to Google plus. Google loves Google. Think in terms of search engine results.

 "Considering Google+’s already high propensity for search performance, this is probably an advantage that you’ll want to take when it can work for you."  ~ coschedule

Twitter- Take your high performing blog post and create at least 3 tweets on that post. Remember to include the URL of your post to redirect back to your website.

Instagram -  We are a visual world. When you are creating your blog posts it should always have an image. It's twofold, first so you can grab that image and "Gram It" and secondly the search engines love images. Don't forget to add the alt text to the image on your blog.

Pinterest - Much like Instagram, Pinterest is visual. Visual content should become a key component in your marketing tactics. Go ahead and check out the 38 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2016. 

Pinterest could become a revenue driven channel for you. Scan through your older blog posts and start pinning your images. Pinterest has evolved over the years for business and should be a marketing tactic to use for repurposing your content.

Convert Blog Post to a Video for YouTube

Youtube is a video sharing website that is a search engine in its own right. Using a few free tools you can get your blog post recreated in video format. video

Camera shy? Screencast is a video screen capture. You don't have to be on the video. Tools like screencast or snagit are simply screenshots of images and videos that can explain almost anything pertaining to your business. People love to see or hear who they are doing business with. Remember it's all about building relationships. People love to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Think how many times you purchased something because you felt good about the people you were doing business with. You might have even heard of a product from another source but when it came down to purchasing, you went with the one you felt you knew!

Take your new video and Upload it to You Tube, Vimeo or Wistia. With a little keyword research and optimization your video will be discovered. With that you'll see an increase in traffic to your website. And we all know what that means. More leads. More sales. Recreating your blog post on screencast is an easy and effective way to repurpose your content.

Key Takeaway - You Tube is a search engine just like Google. Make a video with one of the tools above and be discovered. You can place a Call-to-Action that lays over your videos using You Tube cards. You guessed it. It makes your videos interactive. Leads your prospects back to your website which will increase your website traffic.

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Podcast or any Audio

Podcast is just another form of digital  media. You could record your blog post and upload to itunes or other venues. We all learn differently. Chances are your audience is comprised of some that would prefer to listen then read content. It is a great way to build rapport with your audience.

Think of a fun weekly show that engages your potential customers. According to a study conducted by Edison Research,  an estimated 46 million have listened to at least one podcast in the past month. Imagine having a tiny slice of that number flocking to your website.


Slideshare (owned by Linked In) is another great way to repurpose content to get the extra visibility you need. Unlike some of the social media sites there is less competion and you can see faster results.

Market your content wider and smarter. With over 60 million users, Slideshare will be a viable venue for driving traffic to your website. Like all your other content, optimize Slideshare  for your specific avatar.


By far one of our Infographics are bit sized pieces of content that grab your audiences interest immediately. If done correctly they can go viral and drive gobs of laser targeted traffic to your website. 72% of marketers report that visual content is more effective than text-based marketing, and publishers who use infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who don't.

Infographics will invite engagement, are popular on social media platforms and will entice your potential customers to visit your website. Remember to make them fun. There is an actual person on the other side of the computer. If they love it, they will share.

Not a designer? No worries. There are a few free cool tools to make your own. Canva is a graphic design and template app. It has a template specific for creating infographics.  Read more on tips to creating better images in Canva.

Here's a sample of an easy infographic you can drag and drop in Canva and edit:


Another great tool is Piktochart. They make it easy to tell your story in the form of an Infographic as well. Both tools have ready to use templates to get you started fast. You can link, share, embed, email and share on all the social media platforms.


There are numerous ways to repurpose your content and drive more website traffic. The key is to create content on a consistent basis.  Some posts will be more evergreen than others.

Study your analytics and take your top content and republish and repurpose it.  You will see a significant increase in your visitors.


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Ginny Dwyer

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