Start with Why - Create a Triangle of Trust Through Transparency

Simon Sinek believes "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it", I agree.

His TED talk regarding "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" speaks to how most businesses know what they do. Some know how they do it, but very few truly know why they do what they do.

Simon challenges us directly with a key question: "Why do you wake up every morning and do whatever it is that you do?"

He points out that the answer to this question cannot be to make a profit, because profit is simply a result, and it will always be a result. It needs to be something else. "Focus on the vision and the numbers will thrive. Focus on the numbers and the vision will struggle." - Simon Sinek, Start with Why (Follow Him on Twitter)

 I highly encourage you to check it out the TED talk replayIf your reading this via mobile device CLICK HERE to watch the video.

As Simon points out in the video, finding your "Why" gives you the ability to begin thinking, acting, and communicating from the inside out in both your life and business. Starting with "why you do what you do", followed by "how you do it", and finally "what you do".

Action with real purpose enables you to attract the right people who believe what you believe. When beliefs align something remarkable happens, "Trust" emerges.

Applying the "Golden Circle" to your business

While thinking about how I could apply the "Golden Circle" concept to improve our business, I had a "why" discovery of my own. I call it the Triangle of Trust Through Transparency.

It's a cornerstone process businesses can use to apply the "Why" of their brand. I believe it is critically important since it helps you build a firm foundation on which to structure all business communications, content, and operations. I maintain all successful marketing initiatives should contain Triangle of Trust Through Transparency components since they incorporate results obtained via in-depth buyer persona research.

Triangle of Trust and Transparency
Triangle of Trust Through Transparency

The new "smarketing" team approach 

Sales flow to your business by aligning the "why" of your brand with the beliefs of your prospects --- earning their trust by being transparent.

More and more businesses are consolidating / realigning their marketing and sales departments into a unified "smarketing team".

Mike Volpe CMO of HubSpot (Follow Him on Twitter), provided a great article on 6 Sales and Marketing Communication Tips to Build Smarketing (2010) that speaks to this process.

Align offers with the buyer's journey

With your "smarketing team" in place, it's important to:

  • Map your marketing offers to the sales cycle.
  • Dedicate team members to focus on each stage of the buyer's journey.
  • Use a Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) to align your goals between your marketing and sales teams.

These teams are responsible for generating and facilitating a targeted number of leads as they move through a series of qualification stages until they become  "sales qualified leads" (SQLs) and customers.

Qualification stages are managed by setting up a lead scoring framework. The HubSpot Software or an advanced CRM solution like Salesforce can help manage your leads through the qualification stages of this process.

Mapping Marketing Offers resized 600

Be Enchanting

There is a correlation between the "Triangle of Trust Through Transparency" and Guy Kawasaki's "3 Pillars of Enchantment". You will note, each pillar touches on all elements in the Triangle. 

  • Likability - Is your brand likable? Are you pursuing your passions?
  • Trustworthiness - Do you trust others? Have you given your prospects a reason to trust you? Do you default to a yes attitude?  
  • A Great Cause - What does you brand stand for? Are your products / services Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering, and Elegant (DICEE)? Are you transparent about what your business stands for?

"Enchantment is for people who see life for what it can be rather than what it can't. They are bringing to market a cause --- that is, a product, service, organization, or idea --- that can make the world a better place." Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment (Follow Him on Twitter)

If your reading this via mobile device CLICK HERE to watch the video.


Key Takeaways of the Triangle of Trust Through Transparency 

  1. Think, Act, and Communicate from the inside out. First focus on why you do things, then how you do it, and finally what you do.
  2. Be Likable, Be Trustworthy, and Stand for a Great Cause --- Be Enchanting.
  3. Build trust by being transparent throughout all business communications. 
  4. Break down silos and align your marketing, sales, and customer service teams, and deliver a great customer experience.
  5. Gain a deep understanding of what makes your buyers buy or choose not to buy.  
  6. Stop selling to people when they're not interested in your product or service. Instead, start helping potential buyers that are already looking for a solution like yours.

How would your business benefit by creating a "Triangle of Trust through Transparency?" Does it resonate with your business approach?

Keith Gutierrez

Keith Gutierrez

Vice President of Inbound at Modgility
He's a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and HubSpot Partner. He loves helping marketers develop and implement inbound solutions that drive positive business relationships.

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