7 Benefits of Buyer Personas to Attract Targeted Traffic [Infographic]


Creating buyer personas for your business is a smart move that takes commitment and quite a bit of research. Whether you realize it or not, the work you'll do to identify one or multiple personas may be the difference between strong growth OR the same old status quo for your business.

What you do with your personas once they're developed is key!

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Will you simply tack them up on the bulletin board and reference them in marketing updates?

Or, will you use your buyer personas strategically to drive targeted traffic to your website to gain leads and customers?

Content marketers have left the "website-as-a-company-brochure" approach behind and are fully focused on using their websites as hard-working sales and marketing tools. This is best carried out when the right buyer personas are identified and engaged through content creation, lead nurturing and promotion.

Buyer personas are so important, according to Buyer Persona Institute founder Adele Revella, that they should almost be considered valued trade secretsBuyer persona Institute via CMI).

Our infographic below shares seven benefits you'll enjoy when you create and use the right buyer personas and build a strategic content marketing plan that attracts ultra targeted traffic.


7 benefits of buyer personas

7 Benefits of Buyer Persona Development to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

The truth about personas: 52% of marketers have created buyer personas, but only 14.6% know how to use them. ( ITSMA survey )

Here's what personas can do for you:

1) Identify your Ideal Customers

You don’t need to attract the entire world, just those who really care.


Bigger Audience + More Targets = Less Focus  ( Marketo by @dayroth )

Targeted personas let you focus on the right buyers.

2) Know your Customers’ Needs & Wants

Personas help you create custom content to attract your perfect customer.

87% of B2B marketers say they struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers. ( Forrester )

3) Understand How Your Customers Make Decisions

How do potential customers view the purchase?

Minimal consideration?   In-depth research?    Need social proof?     Are they loyal to brands?

Messaging counts:  68% of B2B buyers want less “salesy” content ( DemandGen Report )

4) Improve Products & Services

Buyer personas can change how your product is viewed.

"Subway Jared"

Young guy eats too much junk food and gains a lot of weight.

Wants an easy-to-follow affordable diet plan.

Guy changes his life by eating Subway twice a day and losing over 200 pounds.

Sharing Jared's story,  Subway uses this persona to:

  • redefine the chain’s menu focus
  • position Subway as a ‘health partner.’

The video below shares Jared's journey:



5) Pleasing the Persona

Focus your team on ONE goal.

Personas eliminate barriers in your strategy:

  • CMO survey: 70% of marketing budget and 40% of sales efforts are spent on activities that do not influence the customer purchase decisionForbes )

6) Spend Time on Your Most Interested and Qualified Buyers

WHY? One word: Revenue

3 - 4 buyer personas account for 90%+ of a company's sales ( 31 Business Building Benefits of Buyer Personas  by @RobPeterson, BarnRaisers )

7) Generate More Qualified Leads

A website designed with a specific persona in mind is 2 - 5 times easier for customers to navigate. ( Adrienne Wilkerson via LinkedIn )

"When businesses are armed with well-crafted personas, they become more competitive." Adrienne Wilkerson

A focus on personas results in higher leads, higher conversions and higher sales.


Hit Your Target Using Buyer Personas

Buyer personas teach you WHO your ideal customers are.

Start creating your buyer personas and drive targeted traffic to your website TODAY!

Gretchen Bulan

Gretchen Bulan

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