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Posted by Hunter Liptrap on Mar 11, 2015
Hunter Liptrap


When it comes to building trust and credibility for your brand, your website's design is a leading factor in creating this positive reaction from visitors. In this post, we'll take a look at what makes visually appealing websites look and feel amazing, how to incorporate functionality, as well as present real world examples of the most visually appealing corporate business websites out there right now.

What Makes Visually Appealing Websites

At the most basic level, in terms of design and theory, there are six elements that need to be considered when designing a website to be visually appealing.

  1. Color: The site’s color should match your brand and present consistency throughout the site. Color does play a role in evoking emotions on the web with your audience and it should be considered when choosing your color palette. However, the colors on your website should be easy to read and easy on the eyes. It's often very difficult to look at a screen full of bright colors.
  2. Font: The site’s font doesn't necessarily have to match the brand or logo. Making sure that the font is legible is the most important goal. You can vary your font throughout the site as well to increase intrigue and add visual appeal. When varying fonts, make sure they compliment each other well. Only vary fonts between headers and body font. You can use two different types of fonts in your headers — one for h1's and one for h2's or h3's. Keeping the body font consistent across the whole site is essential.
  3. Imagery: Avoid using stock photos from iStock or Fotolia. Instead, use stock photos that don't suck from websites like Unsplash or Death to Stock Photos. Pictures will give your website the look and feel that will set your website apart from competitors.
  4. Simplicity: The simpler the better. Keeping design simple allows for the "clean" look that people are looking for.
  5. Usability: Make Functionality key on your site. A visually appealing website should not sacrifice ease of use for a better visual. Creating user-friendly websites with easy-to-understand navigation and page layout is what determines how users interact with the website.
  6. Consistency: As mentioned in some of the sections above, keep the design consistent. If you have one sub page with a top featured background, they should probably all have a top feature background section. The website colors, fonts, button styles, heading sizes, image styles, image sizes and backgrounds are among the pieces to keep consistent.

While all of these elements are part of what makes a website visually appealing, they are all relative. Website design trends change frequently and trends come and go year in and year out. Unfortunately, websites aren't like art that can be created hundreds of years ago and still be regarded as beautiful at right now. As time wears on, websites become easily outdated, obsolete and no longer visually appealing. Below, we will take a look at 10 websites that are regard as visually appealing right now, with the 2015 trends.

10 Visually Appealing Websites of Corporate Businesses

All of these business websites are from right here in the U.S.A. and have been nominated at Awwwards.com. We're going to look at websites from multiple industries, not just website design companies, and take a look at some of the features that make them so visually appealing. Click on each screenshot below to be taken to their website for a full experience.


Visually Appealing Websites

2) ZippyShell - STorage

Visually Appealing Websites

3) Anatomy at 1220 - Fitness

Visually Appealing Websites

4) Td Ameritrade - STock Trading

Visually Appealing Websites


Visually Appealing Websites

6) 4 Rivers Smokehouse - restaurant

Visually Appealing Websites

7) gogoro - smartscooter

Visually Appealing Websites

8) Brightly - Digital Agency

Visually Appealing Websites

9) Deneen Pottery - arts

Visually Appealing Websites

10) Eppi Design - STorage

Visually Appealing Websites

Drawing a Conclusion

All of these websites have fancy bells and whistles, that's why they were nominated on Awwwards. But that isn't what makes them visually appealing. Without the bells and whistles and moving parts, all of these websites would still be visually appealing because they have a direction — a consistency about them that follows current trends of what is visually appealing on the web. When designing a website, you have to start with the fundamentals before you can add the bells and whistles, which I believe all these websites accomplished well.

I encourage you to explore each of these websites, even if they aren't in your business sector, and see how they used the six elements of website design: color, font, imagery, simplicity , usability and consistency. Look past the fancy scrolling features and moving elements and you should find that many of these websites follow a similar pattern. For one of today's hottest trends, consider the video background feature. This feature is becoming more popular and can really set your website apart as being the most visual appealing website around.

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