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In-Depth Guide to Website Usability Testing Methods

Making sure your app or website works the way you intended isn't always easy. If your site is not functioning properly, that could be the reason you aren't seeing the results you are looking for. The solution is to find the right testing methods to verify your site's functionality and usability.

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Proof That Nobody Likes Big Logos on the Web

A logo used to be used by brands to showcase and say, "We made this," to build trust. However, over time, brands have changed in the way they use their logo. Now, brands are using their logos as a way for consumers to say "I bought this."

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10 Modern Web Design Elements That Drive Sales

Website design continues to rapidly evolve. If your website is over two years old, it's most likely already outdated. To keep up with these rapidly changing internet technologies, you may want to consider refreshing your site every 2 to 3 years, depending on your industry.

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The Best jQuery Navigation Menu For HubSpot's COS Design

After building websites on HubSpot's COS, I have found it can be difficult to implement a functional jQuery navigation menu, specifically a hamburger style side menu. This type of menu is often used in apps, but with responsive web design taking a leap forward, you may have noticed these menus appearing on desktop websites as well.

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3 Free HTML Email Templates For Holiday Emails

The most important part of email marketing is having your email opened, of course. But what comes after that? Presenting a clean and simple design that gives the reader an optimized experience across all device types is the next key to email marketing. Email is even being opened on mobile devices more than desktops these days. Modern email templates, therefore, have to look presentable across all device types whether it be a desktop, tablet, phone or something in between.

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A Developer's Tips for Fast iOS App Approval

As an app developer, the quality and usability of your product are the most important aspects in terms of getting your app in the hands of the most people. Fast iOS app approval also helps! Apple's thorough review process can be a frustrating experience unless you prepare in advance. In this post, we share some ways to help you get through the process easier.

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Website Design and SEO With Adaptive vs Responsive Design

Put your dukes up! Cause it's gonna be a knock-down, drag-out fight.

In the red corner: Adaptive Design.

In the blue corner: Responsive Design.

If only website design methods could throw hands — sigh, oh well.

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