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Industry: Manufacturing, Plating, B2B

A-Brite Plating pioneered plating on plastics in the early 70s and today stands as the global leader in cost-effective quality finishing.

A-Brite, is constantly striving for improvement and consistency. They go the extra mile to make sure that every step of the process is systematically managed to ensure a quality part delivered at the lowest possible overall cost.


Develop a custom application that tracks material through the process, captures process data and defect information, provides process documentation and management reporting.

This project was developed using a PHP/mySQL web portal hosted locally on their private network. In each operating area, touch screens of operator access, and large format digital signs were used to display documentation.

Direct operator access sync’d the queuing system with actual events, and automated documentation display.

Backoffice functions include part number and documentation management, reporting, production schedule management, error reporting and automated production problem alerts with required supervisor sign-off.

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