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In October of 2016, Global Internet use by mobile devices surpassed the use by desktops at 52.7%. Predictions vary from 75% to 80% of Internet use that will be mobile in 2018.

The number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 2.8 million apps in March 2017, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013, with iTunes not far behind. Mobile apps are the key to having a presence on the web. Let us help your company capture some of this quickly growing and changing marketplace.

As an independent app developer or as an extension of your team, we can help with mobile apps, whether they are for mobile phones or tablets that use android or iOS operating systems. Many of our mobile app development projects are privately branded, but here are some we can tell you about:

My Password Saver

My Password Saver ensures your security by not offering any sync functions, nor accessing any of your phone's data or services other than its own use of encrypted memory. It is the ultimate in password security.

There are no hooks set into your phone, none of your information passes through the app to us, or into the cloud. Once you download the app you are on your own.

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My Password Saver
Key Finder

Hy-Ko Key Finder

Find the right key for any vehicle with Hy-Ko’s Key Finder app. Hy-Ko Products supplies automotive keys, ChipKeys and FOB remotes to hardware retailers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Lookup vehicle make, model, year to find correct keyblank
See image of keyblank and end-view to help confirm blank matches to original key.

Includes ChipKey programming instructions for I-Keys, A-Keys and on-board programmed ChipKeys.

Get jaw setting to properly cut keyblank on Hy-Ko’s Promatic-100 key cutting machine.

Find available FOB vehicle remotes with programming instructions.

Learn more about Hy-Ko Products, its keys and key duplicating equipment at


The PumpSpy Battery Backup System is the first of two IOT products for sump pump systems.  It automatically monitors a sump pump system remotely, 24 hours a day. The PumpSpy Battery Backup System installed in the home monitors your sump pump, backup pump and battery system and transmits data to PumpSpy’s monitoring system. The monitoring system constantly records and analyzes this data to make sure the system is working properly.

The system uses onboard cellular technology to communicate with the cloud. Data is collected daily and in real time when there is a fault. 

The mobile app (iOS and Android) is used to review at the pump data and receive fault or recovery notifications.

An earlier version of this product required a monthly subscription (billed to the users credit card), but this capability is now Free to the end user.



Notify & stay connected to your school, business, or non-profit organization. This system uses one of the easiest, most widely used content management systems available. Your content will be easy for administrators and students/staff to add content, edit content, and publish for the world to see.

Only the faculty editor or administrator that you give permission to can publish an article, making it available to the public website and app users. If you choose, student/staff reporters can be given access to the web-based content creation system to write their content and manage images but it will NOT appear on the site until it is approved by your selected faculty editor or administrator. You decide who can submit and you decide when it is released for people to see.

Push notifications are alerts that are instantly sent to your smart phone or tablet over an internet connection. They can be displayed in a number of ways, dependent on your operating system and user settings.

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