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We help your business develop the technical products that customers want today. We are experienced in software product development and project management. We can take a project from idea to production or provide resources to work together with your in-house developers.

Startup ventures, expansions, and business process automation create a demand for the innovative software solutions. We can bring your novel ideas to life on a reasonable budget.

Our team has successfully developed software for numerous products that our clients have brought to market.

Compliant Healthcare Technologies

Compliant Healthcare Technologies has a robust medical gas system tracking and management application that is being converted from a desktop application to a cloud application with a mobile responsive user interface.

The new system will also allow them to give controlled access to their clients - and all they need is a browser.

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Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leading global innovator in measurement and control solutions. Modgility developed PC desktop software (C#.Net) used to configure and monitor cryogenic temperature probes.

It allows for configuration of a probe module (handles up to 8 sensors) as well as firmware updates.

Sensors are also configurable and can have calibration curves installed/updated. All connected sensors can be read and displayed in desired unit of measure.


PumpSpy smart outlet is the second of two IOT products for sump pump systems. The Smart Outlet turns any regular sump pump into a remotely monitored smart sump pump system. 

The mobile app (iOS and Android) first helps the user connect to their local WiFi and then reprograms the PumpSpy smart outlet(s) to use that WiFi for communication to the cloud.

PumpSpy the cloud service monitors the plug and uses mobile app notifications to tell users if their sump pump is malfunctioning, if there is a high water alert, and when their home has lost power. 

Both apps are written natively and use native notification techniques.


We Listen and Learn

Our engineers know how to listen, ask questions, and quickly get a solid grasp of your needs. And, we don’t “stay within the lines” when it comes time to start application development. We design creative solutions and give you plenty of options along the way.  We know how to be sensitive to both your time and your financial constraints and architect a solution to fit your needs.

We quickly learn your business. Our team has years of engineering experience in both R&D and Manufacturing and has the education, knowledge and expertise to help you. We solve the simplest and most complex problems your business can face using flexible/agile technology.

A Great User Experience

User Interface is a key to success. If software doesn’t have a good user interface, it’s not going to work. Our designers pay special attention to this aspect of the software. Many of the applications we build are “in the cloud”. It not only makes the application and the data available from anywhere, but it also allows us to create user interfaces that are intuitive and appealing.

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Best Part

The best part is, in the end, you own your software.  We are not the type of application development company that holds you hostage. We want a long term relationship with you and we want to continue to do work with you but, in the end, the software we develop for you is owned by you.

Even Better

We are in Westlake, a suburb of Cleveland, located in northeast Ohio.  All work is done right here and we never ship anything overseas. So everything is truly “Made in the U.S.A.” Even better, your intellectual property is safe with us guaranteed.

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