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PumpSpy Technology: Web Application for Homeowners

PumpSpy Technology is a revolutionary solution designed to permanently end basement flooding. Using advanced communication devices, PumpSpy Technology constantly monitors all components of a sump pump system.


Data is collected, collated and compared to previous readings. Any important message or component failure results in immediate alerts via text messages and emails. PumpSpy Software detects mechanical failures in the early stages, predicting breakdowns before they occur.

PumpSpy Technology also features redundant pump systems, so in the event of failure of one component flooding will not occur.

PumpSpy Technology uses machine-to-machine (M2M) communication via cellular data connections. The PumpSpy equipment in a home contains a cellular module that connects to PumpSpy’s remote monitoring software. The local equipment and the cloud based software work together to monitor, record and analyze dozens of data categories to ensure your sump pump system is working optimally. PumpSpy Technology features two-way communication, so each system is tested remotely on a regular basis, automatically.

Project: Develop a custom web-portal with individual account, pump data collection, alert notification and subscription management along with a complete back-office dashboard and administration system.

The site features:

  • New user subscription, online payment and automated renewal.
  • M2M pump data collection and remote pump control
  • User account management and notification settings
  • Pump status and history
  • Automated problem identification and user/owner notification
  • Complete back-office management, monitoring and control interface.
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