3 Free HTML Email Templates For Holiday Emails

Posted by Hunter Liptrap on Dec 19, 2014 7:00:45 AM
Hunter Liptrap


The most important part of email marketing is having your email opened, of course. But what comes after that? Presenting a clean and simple design that gives the reader an optimized experience across all device types is the next key to email marketing. Email is even being opened on mobile devices more than desktops these days. Modern email templates, therefore, have to look presentable across all device types whether it be a desktop, tablet, phone or something in between.

Tis' the holiday season right now, so chances are you may be in a pinch for a new email template. Not only do we have a few free html email templates for you to take a look at, but we have suggestions for their use, based on festive email marketing ideas.

These free html email templates will help you to stay on your customers’ radar during the holidays, spread some cheer and maybe even spark some business in the new year.

1) Coupon

During the month of December, you should find your inbox swimming in offers and sales. Sure, some them are probably junk and you can tell that right off the bat from their subject lines, but the ones you open from major retailers — those are likely to have email designs that are easy to use and are visually appealing. A specific type of email you may receive includes a coupon, or coupons. This free html email template below is well-suited to be your coupon email.

Nexit - Free HTML Email Template

Download Template From Litmus

If you look at the email template, it has multiple blocks set up for product images that are spaced out in a fashion that provides you options on the types of deals you can feature in just one email. Two suggestions I would make when using this template are 1) to make the "coupon" section stand out more with a different color variation or 2) give it a border or perforation effect to make it look like it should be cut out — even though it doesn't need to be cut or printed.

2) Savings Reminder

The cousin to the coupon email is the savings reminder. Show your customers what you are working with — strictly business related of course— and remind them of all the great deals you have going on. While these emails don't contain anything you need to print out or show to anyone, they are an effective way to build buzz and stay in the mind of the consumer.

Email Template for Savings Reminder

Download Template From Litmus

This is actually a very well-designed email template for this purpose — very little effort would need to be spent on your part to customize the template for your business outside of color changes. The section at the bottom is a bonus for offering a quick snippet and contact information, but not entirely necessary. The phone number in the header, however, is an excellent idea.

3) A Look Back / A Look Ahead

The goal here is to provide some insight into what your business has been up to the past year or what you are planning to do. This is a great email to stay at the forefront of customers' minds and to build a community in your customer base.

A Look Back - Free HTML Email Template

Download Template From PixelBudda

Ok, so maybe this template doesn't have the demo content to show off why it would work for this type of email, but that doesn't mean it won't work. This type of email is typically image-driven with snippets of text explaining what the picture is about and what you were up to. Change the "Summer" title out for something that screams holiday season and drop "Articles" and "Month" out for "Activities" and "Year" or something like that. All in all, this is a great template that could be used for other purposes as well with great success.

More Festive Email Marketing Ideas

That's it for the free html email templates this time around. However, that is not all of the email marketing ideas we came up with this holiday season. Be sure to check out 11 Festive Email Marketing Ideas For The Holidays for more ideas and examples. If you know of any other free html email templates that fit the holiday theme, let us know in the comments below.

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